Monday, February 14, 2011

Thesis Proposal.

For a long time I have explored myself as an artist. Where my specific talents belong has been my greatest challenge. Fighting between the performing and visual arts I have always wondered which artist I will become. I have experience in both the visual and performing arts, beginning to draw and paint since the age of five and singing since the age of eight. I have had formal training in both fields, enrolling in excelled art courses in high school and attending Ringling College, as well as having private voice lessons for five years beginning at age fourteen.
I began to think that I was crazed, a split personality at best I figured my struggles with my talents would just collide one day, or dreadfully my heart would be split to choose one or the other. I have already begun exploring this sort of personal struggle with dual lives and personalities in some of my digital video work. Suddenly, I realized I wish to continue. My thesis would consist of self-portraiture and performance. Unless my emotions can be projected through someone else I do not see it as possible in any other way. I have many sketches to be drawn on imagery and video surrounding the concept of being trapped, stuck, and suffering.
I plan to work with installations and video, possibly capturing still images for large print. There are now two immediate installations I have in mind. Just by combining performance with my installation work and still captures, I believe this signifies my worlds colliding, though they are clashing in such a melancholy way.

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